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What you need, to make this healthy and tasty shake:

Guava Smoothie cocktail is a NON-alcoholic cocktail with a fruity taste. This turbid red cocktail must be served in a highball glass. Guava Smoothie cocktail drink by anyone, it is in fact non-alcoholic.

Read on for the full Guava Smoothie recipe and learn how to make it yourself! Maybe something for tonight?

Make your own Guava Smoothie

Peel the guava and remove seeds. Do half a guava, together with the ice, the syrup and the fruit juice in a blender.

Blend all until smooth. Pour into glass and garnish it with some mint leaves and a maraschino cherry.

What you need to make this healthy and tasty shake

1 Guava

15ml Peppermint Syrup

1 Maraschino Cherry

Red fruit sorbet

Pineapple juice 45ml

40 ml mango juice

15 ml Coconut Milk

1 Sprig Mint