Main goal

The main goal of this challenge is to make people aware of the impact that sugar has on their body and overall health.

1 month no sugar

During this challenge the participant has to consume food that does not contain added sugar. To check whether a product contains sugar check the ingredients or the table that states the nutritional value. To give you an idea of the products that contain sugar here are some examples: Bread, pre-made soup, ketchup, Ice tea, stir fry sauce, soft drinks. Note that even products that are labelled healthy may contain sugar.

Watch out for other words used to describe added sugars, such as sucrose, glucose, fructose, maltose, hydrolysed starch and invert sugar, corn syrup and honey.


Before starting, fill in this quickscan so you can see the change afterwards. For the first survey the following information is needed: age, height, weight, body fat percentage (BMI) and email. The easiest way to measure the body fat at home is by using this body fat calculator.

Share your experience!

Make people aware of the impact of sugar on the body by making a video of your experience, difficulties and thoughts during this challenge and posting this on social media. If you have the most likes, you will not only have a healthier body which is priceless, but also win a on!


Last but not least, you can win prizes for this challenge. HalalVital will give away three prizes. The first prize is for the participant with the most likes on the video, the second prize is for the participant with the second most likes on the video and the third prize is for the person with the third most likes on the video:

First prize: Free multi vitamins for 6 months.

Second prize: free multi vitamins for 4 months

Third prize: free multi vitamins for 2 months.