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Imam talks about the Halal Choice


If there is no alternative and your health or life is at stake you have a choice.
But otherwise the choice can only be Halal.
For the health of your body, mind and spirit.


HalalVital for halal vitamins l Eén Vandaag


The market asked for vitamines and minerals to be Halal certified. In pill coating, flavors, capsules and in the production process alcohol or pork gelatin is used. But HalalVital's products are completely free of alcohol and pork gelatin.

HalalVital makes Halal pills for the world l ED


Tour around the facilities of the first digital webshop to offer Halal certified products worldwide. As the certification process is long and hard, HalalVital is the first to offer a wide range to the whole world. 

Newsroom l Halal and business


With nearly 1 Million people in the Netherlands, muslims form an important targetmarket for business. But are these business doing enough to reach the market?
Or are they missing out on the opportunities?


RTL7  l Growth market for halal vitamins


Wendy Broersen of Superwomen interviews CEO of HalalVital Nienke Ryan about the niche and growth market of halal certified vitamins and how she succesfully realised halal financing via crowdfunding.

Belgie 1 Koppen l Halalicious


Islamic Branding for HalalVital is key to address the niche market of 1.8 billion muslims. Abdelaziz Ouargh, marketing specialist and author of the book Islamic Branding advises HalalVital on branding and marketing.