HADJ+D Halal Pure & Natural from £0.04* p/tab

HADJ+D Halal Pure & Natural from £0.04* p/tab

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Choose your Hadj / Umrah Collection. No alcohol l No Pork Gelatin l Halal produced and financed l Best choice ingredients.


Choose your collection.

For an optimal Hadj Experience.

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Hadj+D Collection Large

Melatonin helps you to adjust to different timezones and adapt to natural and healthy body rythms. With Multis and Probiotics, your body s immuunsystem gets a boost and will be able to deal better with any (stomach) virusses. Vitamin D energizes and boosts your immune system. A perfect collection for a perfect Hadj.

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Hajd+D Extra Large

If you want to your muscles to be strong, able to handle endurance and recover fast, this collection is the one to choose. Together with Melatonin, to help you adjust to different timezones and Multi s give you the immune boost and helps you to keep your vitamin levels right (also when dehydrated) together with Vitamin D that will also energize you.

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Hadj+D Extra Extra Large

This is the collection that has it all. Muscle strength and recovery, boosting your immunity, ensuring your body can relax when resting and cope with endurance.

For optimal focus on the spiritual experience of hadj.


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