Healthy Ramadan Halal Pure & Natural from £0.83* per serving

Healthy Ramadan Halal Pure & Natural from £0.83* per serving

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Surpresses hunger, complements vitaminslevels & supports immunity. Use one or two servings of the shake and probiotics a day. Free of alcohol, animal ingredients, Halal production and financed (interest free), best choice ingredients.


Ramadan Health Pack

Weight management during Ramadan, supports your immunity and digestion.

Additional to your meals during Ramadan, this shake will help you to maintain your weight. If you would like to loose weight, replace a meal with a shake. This pack also supports digestion and your immunity.

The complete pack contains the following products:

  • Halal shake; free of alcohol and animal ingredients other than milk

  • Probiotica: supports the immune system


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  • HalalVital B.V., HalalVital on 07/02/2015 06:35:00

    Ingezonden reactie op de halalmaaltjdshake in de ochtend: "Alhamdullilah gaat goed! Heb geen honger gevoel overdag en voel me ook fitter" Anonieme zuster