Multivitamins Halal Pure & Natural £0.14 p/tab

Multivitamins Halal Pure & Natural £0.14 p/tab

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Heart l Energy l Muscle l Immunity l Learning l Bone l Skin l Eyes. Buy 3 and get 10% discount. Free of alcohol and porc gelatin. Halal produced and financed.


HalalVital Multivitamins Adults - Premium Quality: 

According to food associations, a varied and healthy diet is important for healthy living. Our current lifestyle does not always include the required daily intake. With B6**, B12**, Vitamin C and D as well as many minerals like Selenium and Zinc, HalalVital Multivitamins complements our diet optimally and supports normal function of the immunity and and energizes the body. 


Multivitamin Benefits

Halal Vitamins


Strong Bones For growing children. For women and men..  

Strong Teeth For children especially, but also adults.  

Strong Muscles Benefits muscles function less risk falling.  

Maintenance Blood levels Calcium Vitamin D and calcium maintain the bone strenght.

Bloodpressure Research explains the connection between low levels of Vitamin D and bloodpressure.


Bulking Agent (Micricrystalline Cellulose, Maltodextrin), Vitamins, Minerals, Anti-caking Agents (Magnesium Stearate), Coating (HPMC), Choline, Borium.

Suggested use

One (1) tablet daily with water, preferably with a meal or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Dietary supplement for adults. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Free of

Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Artificial Flavor,
Soy, Sweeteners.

Active ingredients per serving of One (1) tablet a day

Active ingredients per tablet:

                                              EC RDA*                                         
Vitamin A          400 mcg       50%        

Calcium               200 mg   no RDA

Vitamin B1           1.1 mg     100%        

Chromium          40 mcg     100%

Vitamin B2          1.4 mg      100%       

Lodine                75 mcg        50%

Vitamin B3          16 mg       100%       

Iron                      14 mg       100%

Vitamin B5            6 mg       100%        

Copper                  1 mg       100%

Vitamin B6         1.4 mg       100%        

Magnesium 1  87.5 mg         50%

Vitamin B8        50 mcg       100%        

Manganese          2 mg        100%

Vitamin B11   200 mcg        100%        

Molybdene VI  50 mcg          50%

Vitamin B12    2.5 mcg        100%       

Selenium          55 mcg        100%

Vitamin C           80 mg        100%        

Zinc                     10 mg        100%

Vitamin D           5 mcg        100%        

Choline                 6 mg      no RDA

Vitamin E          12 mcg        100%        

Borium            500 mcg      no RDA

Vitamin K1        75 mcg        100%

*EC RDA = EC Recommended Daily Allowance



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  • MehrUn-Nasa Hejazi on 03/15/2016 13:23:29

    I simply chose HalalVital Multivitamins pure and natural product as it ticked all my boxes; free from gelatin AND alcohol making them Halal certificated and affordable!
    I have been looking into supplements since I started going to the gym and found these to be the best to suit my needs.
    The Multivitamins were easy to swallow regardless of being slightly big and tasted tasteless but they smelt funny once you open the bottle (okay size bottle, came with a tampered seal) and but which vitamins don't smell funny?
    I am happy about this product being on the market and being able to ship to the UK at fairly cheap too!
    Will recommend this company to anyone