Protein 97% Halal Pure & Natural £0.69 p/shake

Protein 97% Halal Pure & Natural £0.69 p/shake

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Muscle Mass l Endurance l Muscle Recover. 450 gr p/container. No alcohol or pork gelatin, Halal Financed and production. £0.02 p/gr.


100% CERTIFIED WHEY PROTEINE ISOLATE 97% - Empower your lifestyle

Muscle Mass + Muscle Strenth + Endurance + Recovery

Dosage: 1 to 3 shakes Per Day of 30 grams. 1 shake of 30 gr contains 27,5 grams of Whey Protein (110.02 KCAL).

A healthy diet and lifestyle are important. Dietary supplements are no replacements of a varied diet
Rich in protein, fat and sugar free. Do not exceed recommended daily intake. Keep cool, dry and sealed. Keep out of reach and sight of young children.

Whey Proteine Shake benefits

Over 90% protein per serving

Excellent amino acid profile

Highest biological value of all proteins

Ideal for building and repairing muscle tissue

Tastes good and is good miscible


Ingredients: Whey Protein Isolate 98.5%, amino acids, aroma banana flavor, sweetner Sucralose.
Allergens: contains cow's milk, Soy, Lecithin 

Suggested use

Dissolve per shake WPI +/- 30 grams in 200 ml milk, fruit juice or water. (1 measuring spoon of 70 ml = +/- 30 g) Mix WPI preferably in a shaker / blender Drink 1-3 servings (depending on how much protein you want in your diet). 

Ingredients per 100 grams

Ingredients per 100G:
Alanine                            4.93%
Arginine                           2.07%
Aspartic Acid                 10.84%
Cysteine                          2.17%
Glutamic Acid                 17.83%
Glycine                            1.38%
Histidine                         1.67%
Hydroxiproline                 0.00%
Hydroxilysine                  0.00%
Isoleucine **                   6.30%
Leucine **                     10.44%
Lysine                            9.46%
Methionine                      2.17%
Phenylalanine                  2.96%
Proline                            5.42%
Serine                             4.53%
Threonine                        6.60%
Tryptophan                      1.38%
Tyrosine                          2.56%
Valine **                          5.81%
** BCAAs

Nutritional value

Nutritional value:          Kcal          KJ           Fat         o/w Saturated        Protein      Carbohydrates       o/w Sugars     Fiber       Sodium        Salt
Per 100 gr powder       367.2    1559.4367.2    1559.4       0.3            0.0                           91.6                    3.6                           2.5            0.2            0.20            0.50
Per 30 gr powder         110.2     467.8        0.1            0.0                          27.5                    1.1                           0.7             0.0            0.06           0.15


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  • Genc on 08/03/2016 16:48:55

    De smaak van de shake is heerlijk en het draagt bij aan mijn spierherstel en spieropbouw. Zeker een aanrader. Ook nog eens Halal!

  • Mohammed Imran on 11/30/2015 07:42:44

    As a regular gym member & Office person, i strongly believe in maintaining my diet and consuming right set of protein to stay fit and active. I have been using Optimum Nutrition for long time and have had several side effects like Headache and too much sweating.. I then decided to try Halal Whey protein as it is a Halal Product... within a week, my performance increased and the protein shake digests better than my previous product. 30 mins prior workout, will boost you up and helps you burn fat better and faster. I highly recommend everyone to try this product, its worth every single penny and sweat......