Protein+Omega 3 Halal Pure & Natural £0.96 p/serving

Protein+Omega 3 Halal Pure & Natural £0.96 p/serving

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Muscle Mass l Endurance l Muscle Recover. 450 gr (15 shakes) and 60 softgels p/container.  Buy 2 mths and get 20% discount. No alcohol or pork gelatin. Halal produced and financed.


Sport Pack + Omega 3 Fish Oil

Proteine Shake 97% plus Omega 3 Fish Oil

WPI: Rich in protein, fat and suger free. Dosage: 1 to 3 shakes Per Day of 30 grams. For more information about the Whey Proteine shakes, Click here.
Fish Oil: for the brains, hart, eyes, energy and immune system. Dosage two (2) tablets daily with water. For more information about the Fish oil,  Click here.



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