Travel Kit Halal Pure & Natural £0.43 p/serving

Travel Kit Halal Pure & Natural £0.43 p/serving

53.92 € 53.92 € 53.92 EUR

53.92 €

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Sleep well. Healthy digestion and immunity. 1 month:£ 28.86. 2 months: £ 50.39. Free of alcohol, animal ingredients (other than milk), Halal production and financing (interest free), best choice ingredients. Use discount code 1602 when you go to the checkout to get the Multivitamins Kids for FREE! *NOTE we update our prices regularly.Due to currency rate changes prices may differ


Travel Kit

Ready for the trip. Sleep well, support your immunity and digestion.

Melatonin helps you to adjust to different timezones and adapt to natural and healthy body rythms. With Multis and Probiotics, your body s immuunsystem gets a boost and will be able to deal better with any (stomach) virusses.


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