Do you have a healthy body image?

Is your body image hurting your self-esteem? Take this quiz to find your body image type, and how it impacts your life. 

Source: Best Health Magazine, May 2010

Most of us have ‘bad body days.’ They tend to occur after spying another wrinkle, when eating a second helping or while flipping through a fashion magazine’stuff that’s pretty much par for the course for most women.

But when you let yourself feel down about your body, hating one particular feature, or find yourself chatting with gal pals about ‘how fat’ you feel, these are signs of poor body image. All nibble away at your self-esteem, says Shelly Russell-Mayhew, a registered psychologist and assistant professor in the division of applied psychology at the University of Calgary. ‘The female definition of beauty has narrowed over time, and now it’s an impossible standard,’ she says. ‘Women’and increasingly men’are spending extraordinary amounts of time, energy and money on making themselves look better.’

At some point in our lives, most of us have cycled through the different levels of body acceptance, which Russell-Mayhew defines as the ability to recognize and understand that how one’s body looks is only one part of who we are. Some people end up defining their success in life based solely on outward appearance. Obsession with body image can lead to social isolation, eating disorders and even depression. Is your body image getting in the way of a healthy, happy and successful life?

1. At a restaurant, the waiter asks whether you’d like to see the dessert menu. You are most likely to think:

2. Your significant other is slowly undressing you. You’re most likely to:

3. The clothing store assistant says she thinks you need the next size up. You’re most likely to:

4. The office ‘beauty queen’ is promoted. You’re most likely to:

5. A friend you haven’t seen in months says you are looking thinner. You’re most likely to:

6. Your friend often complains about her large nose, but it’s nothing compared to yours. You:

7. Another mom says she’s got her daughter in activities every night for fear her child will be out of shape. You’re likely to: