Halal Vital Test! Tips to get beautiful and strong hair.

Our hair is a reflection of our health. Check how healthy your hair is.

Hair: B vitamins have been shown to be essential for hair growth.

Scalp: Ensuring that there are plenty of B vitamins in your diet can help keep your scalp healthy and dandruff free. 

Skin: Vitamin B complex contains the nutrient, biotin, which forms the basis of nails, skin, and hair cells.

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1. I am a *

2. I am *

3. Choose the skin colour that is closest to yours *

4. Originally I or my (grand-)parents are from *

5. At least 3 days (or more) per week I eat *


Multiple answers allowed

6. I live in *

7. Select what is applicable for you *

multiple choices allowed

8. My sugar consumption per day is *

9. Do you have problems with: *

Multiple choices allowed

10. I am *

11. Indicate how much stress you experience per day. *

1= no stress 2 3 4 5= a lot of stress
Per day I experience:

12. Grab a strand of hair and pull lightly, how many hairs fall out? *

13. How do you dry your hair? *

14. How many times do you cut your hair? *

15. How do you protect your hair from the sun? *

16. If you go through your hair with your hands, how does this feel? *

17. Do you use styling tools? *

18. How many times do you wash your hair? *

19. How many times do you dye your hair without protection? *

20. How do you style your hair most of the days *

21. Select what is applicable for you *

Yes No
My hair falls out after combing it.
My hair falls out after washing it.
My hair falls out when I don't braid it.
I have noticed that I have hair on my bed and pillow.
My hair is really dry.
My hair doesn't grow.
I have a lot of split ends.
My hair color has changed and I didn't dye it.
My hair is really thin.
I have dandruff
My scalp itches.

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